1. Iago G.
    Iago G.
    • 27 reviews

    Overpriced food next to the European Parliament. A croque monsieur costs around 8 euros and the quantity and quality is incredibly low. Avoid this place at all costs.

  2. Victoria P.
    Victoria P.
    • 2 reviews

    Great olace, nachos and tacos were delicious, burger was less special but ok. Cocktails and service also excellent

  3. Charles m.
    Charles m.
    • 20 reviews

    just a hamburger bar under the pretense of an upscale restaurant. You make reservations via the fork, and they are clueless about the reservation when you arrive. They only speak English, which is pretty surprising in Brussels.

  4. Thorsten P.
    Thorsten P.
    • 3 reviews

    Excellent, as always. Very friendly staff, speaking multiple languages, perfect service, good food!

  5. Gordon B.
    Gordon B.
    • 21 reviews

    Since my last review the breakfast prices have increased by a whopping 30%, which places it in the pricey range. I may have to revise my post-workout breakfast plans...

  6. Gordon B.
    Gordon B.
    • 21 reviews

    My place to go to for breakfast after a workout as its right next to my gym. Nice selection of breakfast dishes and friendly service.

  7. Gordon B.
    Gordon B.
    • 21 reviews

    My usual place for a post - workout meal. Reasonable prices and a laid - back vibe.