Reviews Pekin Pato Laqueado - Plaza Castilla

  1. Frederick B.
    Frederick B.
    • 32 reviews


  2. Leila A.
    Leila A.
    • 2 reviews


  3. Santiago H.
    Santiago H.
    • 16 reviews

    Antes era mas elegante

  4. Monica p.
    Monica p.
    • 21 reviews


  5. Gloria M.
    Gloria M.
    • 8 reviews


  6. Carmen López Bustamante L.
    Carmen López Bustamante L.
    • one review

    6 / 10

  7. Raj T.
    Raj T.
    • 4 reviews

    Excellent service, very friendly staff. Good food, good ambience.

  8. Rosalie S.
    Rosalie S.
    • one review

    Todo muy bien.

  9. Carlos F.
    Carlos F.
    • 35 reviews

    For starters, they did not have the appointment on their agenda. Finally, they checked on the computer and let us to a table, but quite rudely. We had to wait A LOT for the first starter to come (with the sauce missing) and then A LOT again for the second starter (a salad). After ANOTHER WHILE, we got the duck for 2, which includes only 8 "pancakes" for the two of us, some fried vegetables with duck (which barely contains duck) and a soup (which you need to ask explicitly, they did not offer it). And the duck for two costs 30€!! The flavor and presentation was nice, but it seems too expensive (and too much time to wait). People in other tables were also complaining about how long they take for serving or attending. Besides, the check did not include the discount we had and we needed to ask for it. In summary, we will look for another place in Madrid to have Peking duck (Beijing Duck) because we are not coming back to this one.

  10. Antonio D.
    Antonio D.
    • 33 reviews


  11. Nagore F.
    Nagore F.
    • 16 reviews

    Genial! Nos encantó!

  12. Cesar S.
    Cesar S.
    • 18 reviews

    Todo excelente. Camareras muy simpaticas y atentas en todo momento.

  13. Gustavo G.
    Gustavo G.
    • 2 reviews

    Espectacular su pato

  14. Elia h.
    Elia h.
    • one review

    El pato laqueado exquisito! Repetiré seguro

  15. Mónica r.
    Mónica r.
    • 6 reviews

    Todo muy rico y muy bien, aunque han tardado un poco. Daba la sensación que faltaba personal.

  16. Javier s.
    Javier s.
    • 10 reviews

    not useful the reserve with the fork website,but nice place,good service and good food

  17. John N.
    John N.
    • 19 reviews

    I had eaten here many years ago when it first opened and you needed a reservation weeks in addvance. Not so busy now but I'm happy to report that El Pato Laqueado is still delicious and elegant. The chef uses good quality ingredients (we appreciated the quality of the scallops sauteed with fresh green asparragus, for instance), the dishes are light (not oily or fatty), and very beautifully plated. The Peking duck is moist and very flavorful and they cut it and make the pancake rolls for you tableside, which we all appreciated. We also loved the carmelized beef with carrot. With the 50% discount, this dinner for four was a real bargain! I look forward to going back soon.

  18. Carlos P.
    Carlos P.
    • one review

    Original y muuuuy recomendable

  19. ANA U.
    ANA U.
    • one review

    Absolutamente lamentable.