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I'm good with this one!

Vegetables Cream Soup
Pea and Cucumber Clod Soup with Black Sausage Crumble
Iberian Smoked Ham, Rustic Baguette with Salt Flower, Olive Oil and Tomato
Shrimp with Garlic and Chili
Rocha Pear Macerated in Moscatel Fortified wine, Mixed Lettuces, Almonds and farm Goat´s Cheese Salad
Shrimp, Lamb´s Lettuce, Lime, Sunflower Seeds and Avocado Salad

From the Sea

Shrimp, Lime and Coriander Risotto
Grouper, Fragateira Sauce, with Caramelized Baby Vegetables
Brás Style Codfish
Zé do Pipo style codfish

If i have courage for something else!

Chicken Supreme with Potuguese Stewed Broad Beans, Topinambur Purée and Poultry Sauce Lactose
Braised Loin with Olive Oil and Thyme, Truffled Mash Potato, Foie Gras and Madeira Wine Sauce
Grilled or Fried Beef Entrecote with Fries and Spinach Purée
Tagliatelle (carbonara ou tomato or bolognese sauce)


Mushrooms and Aspargus Rice
Lentils Stew with Oriental Vegetables and Vitelotte Potato Purée
Vegetable Noodles with Pesto

If I Have Courage for Samething Else!

Selection of Portuguese Cheeses
Cheese and Cinnamon Roll With Pumpkin Jam and Crunchy Pecan Nuts with Yogurt Ice Cream
Banana and Passion Fruit, 70\% Chocolate Dome, Passion Fruit Syrup and Mango Sorbet
Apple Pie with Honey and Rosemary Glacier, Crunchy Almonds and Vanilla Ice Cream
Ice Cream and Sorbet (two scoops)
Selection of Fresh Fruit

Just For Kids

Soup of the Day
Grilled or Fried Beef with Fries and white Rice
Grilled Chicken Breast with White Rice and Vegetables of the day
Fish Nuggets, White Rice and Vegetables of the day
Plain Hamburger or with Cheese


Bottle of champagne
Glass of champagne
Bottle of water
Half a bottle of water
Bottle of wine
Glass of wine

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