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Fried pickled herring with egg and anchovy salad, topped with red caviar
SEK 149
Smoked Deer in horseradish cream spread on rye bread, topped with red caviar
SEK 139
Smoked Salmon served on a cream cheese spread, rye bread and honey mustard sauce
SEK 129
Crisp Rye Bread Pizza with goat cheese spread toped with peaches, pumpkin seeds or vegan with hummus
SEK 99
Mixed grilled forest mushrooms in creamy white wine sauce, served on rye bread and västerbotten cheese
SEK 109

Main Course

Homemade Swedish Meatballs with potato purée and classic sides
SEK 174
Pork filled potato dumplings with crispy bacon, melted butter and lingonberries
SEK 179
Brinken slow cooked Wild Boar stew with boiled potatoes and pickled red onion
SEK 194
Chefs choice, Wild Meat sausage served with caramelised onions, salad and potato purée
SEK 184
Oven baked salmon with white wine sauce, potato puree and roasted vegetables
SEK 229
Grilled boneless Chicken thigh marinated in garlic herb butter, roasted vegetables and potatoes
SEK 164
Oven baked pork filled Cabbage Rolls wrapped in crispy bacon, melted butter and lingonberries
SEK 179

Vegetarian & Vegan Dishes

Homemade vegetarian balls with potato puree or vegan with boiled potatoes and classic sides
SEK 164
Cream soup of the season, served with rye bread toast
SEK 159
Mushroom filled potato dumplings with grilled white mushrooms, melted butter and lingon berries
SEK 169


Seasonal pie, served with vanilla sauce and whipped cream
SEK 69
Crème Brûlée, served with raspberries
SEK 74
Chocolate lava cake infused with orange liqueur and cinnamon, served with whipped cream
SEK 74

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SEK 30
Bottle of wine
SEK 298
Glass of wine
SEK 78
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