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Our classic starters

Bruschetta Finlandese

Hot smoked salmon and goat cheese on traditional Finnish bread

Grandma's eggplant roll - 1963

Eggplant rolls filled with veal, served with tomato sauce. The only way Chef Pino's grandma would approve in Salerno.

Smoked salmon soup

An iconic, creamy Finnish smoked salmon soup with fresh

Antipasti à la Chef Pino

Mozzarella di bufala, Italian charcuterie and grilled vegetables

Our most popular main courses

Wild mushroom risotto with smoked reindeer

Semi-integral carnaroli rice from Vercelli, wild ceps and chanterelles. Garnished with pickled fennel and smoked reindeer.

Fusilli d'Orria

Pasta from Chef Pino's hometown: italian sausage, veal ragù and mozzarella di bufala

Artisan ravioli with truffles and parmesan

Hand-made ricotta and truffle filled ravioli served in a creamy parmesan sauce

Irish beef tournedos

The best of Irish beef with pepper sauce and seasonal vegetables

Reindeer filet from Lapland

Wild reindeer filet served with cep risotto and wild herbs

Atrio salmon

Our popular Nordic salmon warm smoked in our own smoker. Served with a choice of: seasonal risotto/local vegetables/oven-roasted potaotes

Fresh goat's cheese salad

Served with roasted pine nuts and balsamic reduction - easily adapted to your taste

Our timeless desserts

Finnish mummo visits Brussels

Grandmother's secret recipe with wild blueberries, served with vanilla ice cream

Speculoos tiramisù

Spicy Belgian biscuit tiramisù, excellent with coffee

Dame finlandaise

Vanilla ice cream with explosive liquorice sauce and berries

Salmiakki crème brûlée

A layer of Finnish salty liquorice in the classic crème brûlée


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