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  1. Giacomo D.
    Giacomo D.
    • 3 reviews

    We found this fusion restaurant for San Valentine day and we luckily found a place to eat. Really good and rare food served with a perfect presentation made fantastically by the kitchen which is possible to be seen from inside the restaurant.

  2. Ariel B.
    Ariel B.
    • one review

    Everything I expected from the reviews already available online, and more. Delicious dishes, original and very refined. Several taste and text combinations were completely new to me. Generous portions but yet we left feeling light and ready for a night of truly intense night of new love making. Miraculous!

  3. Joseph H.
    Joseph H.
    • 6 reviews

    There were a few really delicious and clever dishes as the chef perfectly blends Asian flavours and elements into the cuisine. However, some dishes needed more flavour or preparation - our duck breast had a string of tendon running through the entire piece of protein which made it hard to eat. Wait staff is very friendly and tried very hard to service in English but couldn’t describe many elements of our dish. Ventilation is poor at Upstairs of the restaurant, the fumes of cooking, particularly of fish would seep through and affect the experience

  4. Jacob S.
    Jacob S.
    • 2 reviews

    Nice restaurant, friendly Service, food nice presented but average quality. ( Bread not fresh; poulet creation full fett.)Good wein.

  5. Mary K.
    Mary K.
    • one review

    Fabulous food and great service, a really lovely restaurant.

  6. Jiayau m.
    Jiayau m.
    • 9 reviews

    Lovely meals Rational price

  7. Carole R.
    Carole R.
    • 81 reviews

    un pur bonheur

  8. Florence S.
    Florence S.
    • one review

    We loved the dinner, which had many tasting surprises. The locations is very nice. There was only one thing which could have been done better, especially regarding the price of Euro 100.- for the menu: we were asked to have an aperitiv and ordered one. Only after, when looking at the menu, we realized that a glass of Champagne was included in the menu. The waiter could have mentioned this before asking for the aperitiv. We would not have ordered an aperitiv then. And we had to pay for the aperitiv of course. That's the only thing that disturbed a little bit. But I would visit this place again.

  9. Troy S.
    Troy S.
    • 14 reviews

    We ordered two 100eu and two 45 and both menus were amazing, though the 100eu was actually mind blowing, very good value!!

  10. Michel F.
    Michel F.
    • 6 reviews

    a recommander

  11. Violaine r.
    Violaine r.
    • one review

    quel délice !