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  1. Jürgen O.
    Jürgen O.
    • one review

    It was a pleasure. The delicious diner, the staff, the athmosphere even with Corona measures, everything was excellent. Thanx, and stay save!

  2. Ruud J.
    Ruud J.
    • 5 reviews

    We were impressed by the quality of the food when we returned for a nostalgic family dinner as a past alumni. The setting in the castle with character is a nice start, but must admit that the entrance and service was a bit clumsy (which is also nice in a teaching environment). The very friendly sommelier (in just his 3rd week at this school) loudly popping the bottle of Bollinger and subsequently struggling to open a bottle of wine is not an issue as such in such a setting but would expect some kind of supervision and "learning" to happen as a result. The service of the cheese course needs reviewing. Service a table is great but placing dishes on the table and subsequently handling the cheese by hand is not how its done (in most other restaurants). My son called it a "dinner show" which was great entertainment. I remember the days when the "Classical restaurant" had instructional staff, preparation a table and was filled to the brim for every meal. We were the only guests with one other table of 3 for the dinner service which surprised me. Is HHS Maastricht recalibrating it's vibe? Keen to see it thrive and hence my feedback which did not detract from the excellent food and general price/quality offered by the Restaurant L'Etoile and its team. We will be back for sure. Hope this review helps.

  3. Hjalte M.
    Hjalte M.
    • one review

    One of the most unique experiences in Maastricht! A MUST go for any foodie, experience or hospitality lover! The hotel schools own restaurant, might not always be the fastest or the most error free, but it is by far one of the ost enjoyable experiences in dining, in Maastricht!

  4. Liesbeth k.
    Liesbeth k.
    • one review

    Je voelt je prins en prinses.

  5. Marion D.
    Marion D.
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  6. Fischer J.
    Fischer J.
    • one review

    Very, Very good and fresh meals.

  7. - -.
    - -.
    • one review

    Eating at a teaching school is a great experience and this did not disappoint. The food was great (some things better than others) but the best part is interacting with the students. Ask them about their study and they light up and show true interest in what they study. We stayed at the hotel too and are enjoying the experience.