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Lomo de Orza salad, sprouts and tender cheese from Tietar Valley
Selection of regional Charcuterie

1/2 portion 7€

Selection of goat cheese from Tietar and Guadarrama

1/2 portion 9€

Patatas revolconas (potato and paprika puree with red onion, chili and pork belly)

1/2 portion 6€

Avileña Negra Ibérica breed beef Croquettes - 10 units

1/2 portion 7€

Judias del Barco (white beans stew with assorted pork cut)

Main course

Organic brown rice, pork rib and vegetables
Cod loin battered with garlic
Fontiveros free-ranger chicken with rosemary and millet
Beef cheeks of Avileña Negra Ibérica with red wine and local vegetables
Avileña Negra Ibérica breed beef fillet with paysanne potatoes and chimichurri
Sirloin of Avileña Negra Ibérica beef with olive parmentier and mushroom sauce
Avileña Negra Ibérica T-Bone steak with paysanne potatoes and chimichurri

1 kg for 2 people


Cheesecake with cookie crumbles and vanila icecream

Sugar free

Custard of Carmelitas with biscuit of Maitines
Cheese ice cream, honey jelly and green apple slush
Lemon grass sorbet
Applesauce, fresh milk ice cream and cream
Creamy black chocolate, caramel and biscuit
Egg yolks, Alta Moraña yogurt and rice pudding
50th anniversary of the Parador Oranges dessert


Bottle of champagne
Bottle of water
Half a bottle of water
Bottle of wine
Glass of wine

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