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First things, FIRST! / Couvert

Homemade butter, Azores cheese and olive pate


Ox Cheek… octopus, caviar, parsnip
Steak tartare 100 gr.

The classic, Knife-cut

Oxtail gyozas, oxtail broth, cured egg yolk and basil
Beef loin strips, cauliflower pickles and Portuguese wine sauce
Beef carpaccio, olive oil, chicory and Grana Padano
Matured Beef “Cecina” (beef, air-cured ham)
Meat croquettes with smoked onion sauce

Meat your TARGET / Beef

Entrecôte (boneless) - 200 gr.

Slightly marbled, with a section of lateral fat gives it softness and taste

Loin - 200 gr.

The most noble and tender cut, balanced taste and perfect texture

Sirloin - 250 gr.

Light marbling, juicy, great depth of taste

Chateaubriand - 300 gr.

Premium cuts of loin, elegant and sophisticated taste

RIB Eye Steak - 450 gr.

Abundant marbling, juicy, great depth of taste | 1-2 Persons

Matured Sirloin (with bone) - 500 gr.

Special selection matured with bone, 60 days

T-Bone - 700 gr.

Two pieces in one cut, half loin, half sirloin | 1-2 Persons

Tomahawk ribeye steak - 1kg

Dierentiated cut with intramuscular fat, with a 28 day of maturation, that gives pronounced avour | 2-3 Persons

Chuletón – 1kg

Classic cut Portuguese premium meat, perfect to share | 2 Persons

Make it PERFECT / Sauces

Barbecue RIB, Musrooms Pepper, Mayonnaise, Bearnaise, Dijon and Chimichurri


Swordfish ceviche, purple potato, pineapple and sweet potato bread
Pan fried prawns, brandy, chili peppers and basil
Roasted mushrooms, romesco sauce, egg, trufle olive oil
Roasted tomato cream soup, codfish and coriander

Addictions ASIDE / Side Dishes

Spinach mash gratin with “Ilha” cheese
“Brás” style vegetables
Tomato salad, peppers & cucumber RIB style
French fries with ne herbs
Sweet potato purée, almond and watercress
Turnip tips rice with onion chorizo
Curry, mushrooms and asparagus Risotto

Don´t desert! DESSERT...

Caramel and Brownie

Sweet and sour


A sponge cake & chocolate cornetto sinful fusion


Crispy chocolate, cream cheese, “dolce de leche”

Lemon meringue pie

Lemmon sorbet

Backed ice cream Cake
Lisbon Twice

“Pastel de Nata & Ginginha”

Ice cream & Sorbets – 1 or 2 scoops

Menu 19€

This set menu includes:Starter + Main course + Dessert


Bola de mafra, tostas e pão de curcuma

Regional bread, toasts and turmeric bread

Manteiga caseira, queijo ilha e patê de azeitona

Homemade butter, Azores cheese and olive pate

Croquete de carne e presunto de vaca maturada

Meat croquettes with smoked onion sauce and

matured beef “cecina”

Main course

Entrecôte 300gr.

Entrecôte 300gr.

Batata frita, malandrinho de coentros e

lima e legumes salteados

French fries, lime and coriander rice,

sautéed vegetables

Maionese de pimenta e molho bearnês

Pepper mayonnaise and béarnaise


Crunchie & tarte de limão

Crunchie – Crispy chocolate,

cream cheese, “dolce de leche”

& Lemon pie

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