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    Andres F.
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    Genial en todos los sentidos. El servicio de Gym&cake muy bien también. La única pega, es que nunca se secan las uñas. Deberían utilizar algún producto para ello. Repetiremos en breve.

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    ¡Recomendadísimo! Revive la experiencia siguiendo @Myfoodiexperiences y leyendo la entrada sobre Saporem.

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    Absolutely amazing restaurant when it comes to good gourmet food. The menu isn't too big but it still has a great variety of different foods from sharers 'tapas' and seafood and meats. This is a great restaurants for vegetarians as they hold a big selection of bi meat and fish dishes; however when you do get a fish or meat dish it tastes fresh and delightful. I would definitely recommend this place for any occasion, the atmosphere is just wonderful with a live bar to keep you entertained.