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  1. Aldo V.
    Aldo V.
    • 18 reviews

    Shabu was not what we expected, but seemed to be very popular with young people, possibly due to the large portions. We took the Open Sushi menu which included 3 orders of four menu items each. It is very much a fusion restaurant, but some of the portions were way too big. Some dishes were good such as the gunkun, but the temaki was huge and just too much. The ricciola (amberjack) nigiri was very good. The ceviche was not ceviche - it was not marinated with either lime or lemon juice and had no coriander or chili; it was just raw tuna with cherry tomatoes. The wine list looked good online, but 2 out of our 3 choices of white wine were not available. Having said that, wine prices were very reasonable. I would not recommend Shabu for sushi lovers. For those who like fusion and large portions, it’s probably quite interesting.

  2. Miriam D.
    Miriam D.
    • 6 reviews

    Great food, delicious. Also the staff are very kind and the atmosphere is great. We discovered this place by chance and now every time we’re in Como we must pay a visit to Shabu. Really good I highly recommend it.

  3. Beatrice B.
    Beatrice B.
    • 133 reviews

    We tried the all you can eat: the best sushi are excluded by it and you need to pay a supplement. You can still have a decent enough variety of sushi to choose from. That's how they keep the price contained. Young stuff very fast with a lot of work as the restuarant is always full of people. Better book in advance!

  4. Nicholas S.
    Nicholas S.
    • 17 reviews

    Very good kitchen, very good mood and good waiters! Unfortunately, the waitress that served us had a lot of tables to serve and there were some issues with supply chain software that didn’t help her... One person more and they can be more effective and give a best-in-class service!

  5. Brian B.
    Brian B.
    • one review

    Atmosphere of the place is great. Ordering food with a big party can be chaotic though. All the food came out at once and not specific to the person who ordered it so we had to figure out which is which. Service is great though and they're friendly.

  6. Beatrice B.
    Beatrice B.
    • 133 reviews

    Very big fusion restaurant run by young Italians that worked hard all night I and my boyfriend had been there. The food was very good. They have an all you can eat option that is very convenient. The only thing I noticed is the fact that all the sushi is kind of the same, with Philadelphia or fried fish. I would suggest more variety keeping Philadelphia out from some of the rolls.*For the rest, nothing to complain|

  7. Luca C.
    Luca C.
    • 21 reviews

    Sempre ottimo

  8. Francesco B.
    Francesco B.
    • 4 reviews

    Good food and service in an amazing location, situated not in the historical city center but easier to find a parking very close to the restaurant

  9. Franco C.
    Franco C.
    • 7 reviews

    La gestione del locale è tutta italiana. Personale molto cordiale, formale e professionale. Piatti gustosi, creativi e pesce fresco, si sente! È un all you can eat di qualità superiore alla media!

  10. Chiara B.
    Chiara B.
    • 68 reviews

    Come sempre, una garanzia !

  11. François-Xavier S.
    François-Xavier S.
    • one review

    To anyone who have been to Japan don’t go, this is not even close to Japanese food. The tempura is actually deep friend Macdonalds style, the choice of Sashimi ridiculous, the menu being made of mostly rolls (fusion style with even mozzarella...) and I won’t mention the green tea

  12. Andrea M.
    Andrea M.
    • 3 reviews


  13. Anish M.
    Anish M.
    • one review

    Great and creative dishes. Super quick service.

  14. Todd B.
    Todd B.
    • 7 reviews

    True fusion sushi in Italy. Very nice and helpful staff and the sushi was fresh and tasty.

  15. Lia P.
    Lia P.
    • one review

    It's a simple all you can eat, cheep but really no especially. People very polite. Modern look of local.

  16. Alessio b.
    Alessio b.
    • 4 reviews

    La giusta scelta a metà tra all you can eat e alla carta

  17. Aleksandra K.
    Aleksandra K.
    • 9 reviews

    Nice place, good food and kind waiters.

  18. Sebastian S.
    Sebastian S.
    • 2 reviews

    Fantastic service ver professional.quality of the food very good and raw material. Very good wine selection. We had a gewurztraminer grosso concerto di Elena Walsh. Very good wine also tried an higan cocktail flavoured with violet also this one very well balanced. Second time I went to Shabu but will go again and will recommend it to my friends..

  19. Roberta b.
    Roberta b.
    • 20 reviews

    Sempre buono non è una sorpresa ma una conferma