Reviews Siempreviva

  1. Kate A.
    Kate A.
    • one review

    It was rather good ! The service is nice and friendly :)

  2. João M.
    João M.
    • 2 reviews

    the typical frozen paella that you can find in the super market close to you, anywhere in the world. is like this almost everywhere in Barcelona. next time, I won't be eager for a bargain discount. it was my last meal in Barcelona, came really disappointed!

  3. Nagla G.
    Nagla G.
    • 12 reviews

    Better than I expected in a very touristic area. It was a good meal for the price we paid. The staff was friendly and welcoming.

  4. Emma P.
    Emma P.
    • 6 reviews

    The place was quiet (we went during winter) and we had not great expectations. We had three fish tapas in two, a glass of wine each and a dessert (crema catalana). The dessert (homemade) was good, while the fish not the best I have ever tasted.

  5. Javier C.
    Javier C.
    • 339 reviews

    Una cena excelente yun excelente servicio