Reviews - Sinfonia Rossini

  1. Neuza S.
    Neuza S.
    • one review

    great menu and food and price is good as well.

  2. Richard  S.
    Richard S.
    • 5 reviews

    Sinfonia was truly excellent! I would describe the tasting menu as nuovo Italian with some Spanish influence. The ravioli with duck and roasted beet was absolutely marvelous. The service was warm, friendly and professional.

  3. Clay S.
    Clay S.
    • one review

    Excellent food. Just the change we needed from local fair. The Chef's four course selection was a great value and allowed us to try new things that we might not have ordered ala carte!

  4. - -.
    - -.
    • one review

    Lovely place. Great for intimate dinner and although the portions were quite small they were executed beautifully. I did not go 5 stars simply because of the large number of substitutions and other depleted menu items which was a little off considering the small number of choices.

  5. Manoach S.
    Manoach S.
    • one review

    Good food, elegant atmosphere. Very nice Italian dinner, just 2 minutes away from our room.

  6. Michael W.
    Michael W.
    • one review

    Total Wow! Ambiance, Service, Wine, and Food - The Full Meal Deal! We were expecting a nice little Italian place with Momma or Pappa cooking classic recipes handed down over the generations. This is not that. This is a highly skilled chef that delivers extraordinary flavor combinations of extreme refinement and sophistication! The White Truffle Pasta is to die for! So is the Poached Egg with Parmesan Foam in the Mains! Also, excellent, if short, wine list with lots of good value options, but also reaching to the Stars with a 1997 Solaia for 190 Euros! Awesome restaurant pricing on Solaia!

  7. Catarina S.
    Catarina S.
    • 5 reviews

    A dinner feeling like you are at a frinds home.

  8. Ana B.
    Ana B.
    • one review

    I went there about 21:00 with a party of 5 and the restaurant was closed!!!!