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  1. Julie M.
    Julie M.
    • 3 reviews

    Great food, friendly service and sensible prices . We picked at short notice after a long day and without having returned to our hotel to change. This place was spot on. The food was great, portions were generous and it was casual enough that we didnt feel out of place in jeans and walking shoes. If you are in the area it's worth a visit

  2. Shelley K.
    Shelley K.
    • one review

    Great service. Delicious food. No complaints.

  3. Whitney M.
    Whitney M.
    • one review

    Had a great, quiet little meal upstairs. Staff was very friendly.

  4. - -.
    - -.
    • 9 reviews

    Popped around the corner to Spanjer & Van Twist last Sunday for food and drinks. This local eatery (with a predominantly tourist clientele) is always either really nice or really awful. It all depends on the servers and they have such a high employee turnover that you can always count on seeing a completely new team every time you go. This time we were served by a young woman who is not from the Netherlands and does not speak Dutch and only very broken English. This obviously created both confusion both on her part and on the part of all the customers. Try to explain 'bitterballen' to someone who just has a blank expression on her face and has no idea what you are talking about. It was a 'faulty towers' outtake - everything that could go wrong, went wrong. They had run out of guacomole for the nachos - no biggy - we'll deal with it. I asked for a glass of wine - but it never came. We asked for napkins - but they never came. The man at the table next to me asked for his change - but it never came. I asked for the bill - but it never came. I finally went inside to pay and spotted our 'server'. She said, 'Bring I you not already bill?' and (when I finally figured out what she was saying) I said, 'No you didn't, just like you did not bring the napkins, wine, forks, etc.' 'Oh,' she said with that characteristic blank expression and began digging through a big basket of tickets looking for our bill. She couldn't find it. She finally rang it up again and, yep, the guacomole was on the bill.'Will not take it off,' she says, 'because you had salsa.' 'Not the same thing,' I said. 'Don't understand,' she said. I finally asked a nice young man behind the bar to handle our bill. He removed the guacomole charge, I pinned and left this little bit of Faulty Towers on the Leliegracht. It just goes to show - location isn't everything; you can't get away with lousy service and food even if the location is absolutely stunning.