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  1. Oscar b.
    Oscar b.
    • 3 reviews

    We wait 25 minutes for the wine and water, 2 plates un the photos I askes were not avaliable, the food was bad , the only good thing was the wine and the manager that was kind when I explained the problems

  2. Robert G.
    Robert G.
    • one review

    The food is great, the service is great, it lacks of good management. We were told they were out of 3 things after we had ordered, disappointing but no biggie, at the end we had an issue w the bill which they “fixed” in their own way. I was waiting for the manager to approach the table and kindly address the issues but it never happened. All and all, great food, good service, lack of good management.

  3. Steffy E.
    Steffy E.
    • 7 reviews

    Excelente una vez mas.

  4. Juan Pablo G.
    Juan Pablo G.
    • 73 reviews

    Todo muy rico

  5. Caroll k.
    Caroll k.
    • one review

    We were two people and it was 55 minutes after we were seated that we got any service. It took three hours to complete dinner and we had only three plates. They were out of many of the things that we wanted to order. Worst service in my experience in the past two years. (I eat two meals a day in restaurants every day of the year and have a lot of restaurants to compare it to.)

  6. Pierre W.
    Pierre W.
    • 10 reviews

    Just not good enough. Plain japanese food, nothing special, nothing exquisite and not really value for money. If you want good japanese food try somewhere else

  7. Nicolás B.
    Nicolás B.
    • 8 reviews

    High quality sushi, although very pricy

  8. Guillermo B.
    Guillermo B.
    • 62 reviews


  9. Jeff E.
    Jeff E.
    • 18 reviews

    2nd time here. Great food and service and beautiful space. Highly recommend.

  10. Sebastian B.
    Sebastian B.
    • 5 reviews

    The food is excellent, the prices are high, the service is very good and the atmosphere is pleasant

  11. Gaby G.
    Gaby G.
    • 2 reviews

    Excelente servicio. Platos nikkei exquisitos.

  12. Maximiliano Jose F.
    Maximiliano Jose F.
    • 12 reviews

    Sushi exquisito, platos originales!

  13. Freddy M.
    Freddy M.
    • 6 reviews

    Es un lugar maravilloso!

  14. Yamila C.
    Yamila C.
    • 4 reviews

    Excelente experiencia culinaria

  15. Nico Z.
    Nico Z.
    • 2 reviews

    Gran atencion. Exquisito. Nada para que la calificación sea menos de 10. Repetire pronto. ___________________________________________________

  16. Jeff E.
    Jeff E.
    • 18 reviews

    Great new resto in great neighborhood. Very chic!

  17. Cinthia X.
    Cinthia X.
    • one review

    muy rico las comidas

  18. Yanina T.
    Yanina T.
    • 9 reviews


  19. Alicia C.
    Alicia C.
    • one review

    Food was good however they didn’t have any Kobe beef available and were also out of the two entrees we wanted. The restaurant was empty and didn’t have the liveliness we would have enjoyed. Gyoza were delixipjs

  20. Jo M.
    Jo M.
    • one review

    This place had amazing food. Our waitress was outstanding and the food, atmosphere, service was amazing.

  21. Julieta  s.
    Julieta s.
    • 2 reviews

    Todo impecable..

  22. Martin P.
    Martin P.
    • 59 reviews

    muy bueno

  23. Cynthia V.
    Cynthia V.
    • 28 reviews


  24. Christian R.
    Christian R.
    • 5 reviews

    From the moment we entered, we received the best of the attention from the staff. The food is really good, and the atmosphere is really chill (even romantic if you're thinking on a date)

  25. Patrícia B.
    Patrícia B.
    • 39 reviews

    Tudo ótimo!!!!

  26. DANIEL T.
    • 2 reviews

    Excelente lugar

  27. Andres R.
    Andres R.
    • 7 reviews

    Excelente experiencia. ????????????