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Octopus salad
Fish roe salad
Fresh goat cheese
Cured goat cheese
Codfish pastry

3 units

To be entertained

Cheese platter small
Cheese platter large
Sausage platter small
Sausage platter large
Mixed platter small
Mixed platter large
Potatoskin with tartar sauce
Tempura vegetables with Serra Cheese dip
Mixed sausages plate
Plate with piri-piri sausage
Plate with calfmeat
Black pig plate
Mushroom plate

To start with

Soup of the day
Mushrooms with a sausage filling
Mille-feuilles with goatcheese, honey and nuts
Puff pastry of Bacalhau and cheese from the Serra
Torricado of rye bread with ham, rucula and dried tomato
Shrimp to Tasquinha

From the sea onto your plate

Codfish with corn bread with sautéed greens

Served with sautéed greens.

Trouts with ham

Served with sautéed vegetables and crispy ham.

Cod fritters with Malandrinho de Feijoca

Served with rice and bean stew.

Roasted octopus with baked potato

Served with baked potato and sautéed greens.

Grilled fish of the day Price/kg

Served with boiled potato and/or salad.

Codfish pastry with tomato rice

Served with tomato rice and salad.

From the pasture onto your plate

Lamb cotelette with Serrana breadcrumbs

Served with breadcrumbs, rucula and roasted cherry tomatos.

Black pork tenderloin with mashed sweet potato and black pudding

Served with mashed sweet potato and sautéed black pudding.

Rolled up chicken with ham

Served with sautéed vegetables.

Calf medallion with mushroom sauce

Served with roasted potato skewer and sautéed greens.

Tasquinha Serrana special steak

Fried or sautéed served with fries.

Beef on stone

Sauces, saw cheese, garlic, dijon mustard with honey.

Neither meat nor fish

Vegetarian lasagne
Mushroom gratin
Pasta to the farmer


Champignon omelet

Mushrooms, parsley cheese and onion.

Shepherd's omelet

Chopped ham, olive oil, chopped greens.

Omelet that stings

Spicy sausage, salpicão and mozzarella.

Omelet that mountain

ham and cheese from the amateur saw.

Halter omelet

Goat cheese, dry tomato and rucula.


Fresh cheese salad

Lettuce, tomato with nuts and honey.

Mountain salad

Lettuce, tomato, goat cheese and ham.

Country salad

Courgette, carrot, sweet corn and tomato.

Sweetie time

Rice pudding

Without egg and with orange.

Crunchy based chocolate mousse
Sweet pumpkin with cottage cheese and walnuts
Creamy cheese mouse with red fruits
Cheese pudding
Lemon tart


Bottle of champagne
Bottle of water
Half a bottle of water
Bottle of wine
Glass of wine
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