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  1. Eleni T.
    Eleni T.
    • 4 reviews

    Food was good in general, the chicken dish for 13 EUR was too small as a portion. If an average dish in some other restaurant costs around 17 EUR, then for 13 EUR the portion should be minimum the half. This was just 1/3.

  2. Ranjitha A.
    Ranjitha A.
    • 2 reviews

    They cancelled the reservation in the last minute and we had to find a new place to go to. And this happened only after we called them to confirm. Frustrating

  3. Kaliya A.
    Kaliya A.
    • one review

    The food is definitely tasty, this was my first time to try Ethiopian food and I was happy with my choice of place. The staff were polite, smiley and thoughtful. The atmosphere was welcoming and tidy. Recommended.

  4. Serhan Y.
    Serhan Y.
    • 15 reviews

    I am extremely careful about writing any bad reviews about any place bit this restaurant was really dissappointing from many perspectives. After giving the order we waited 1 hour 45 minutes and the waitress continuously fooling me that the dish would be ready in 5 minutes each time i asked. I can understand the fact that any restaurant can have busy days or some unexpected problems in kitchen. But we have not seen any effort to communicate with us or any behaviour to make us feel we are respected. Also even though i emphasized the fact that we had discount through Fork at the beginning, the bill came without the discount. Only after i warned, they corrected. And there was not any apologies for the long waiting time at the end. The food was mediocre but if you are into Eithopian food it may be worth trying.

  5. Hamlin L.
    Hamlin L.
    • 79 reviews

    Ethiopian food including the famous injera pancake. All fresh and tasty.

  6. - -.
    - -.
    • 3 reviews

    The vegetarian platter was delectable. The cubed lamb in the entree was a bit dry. We would order only the vegetarian or the chicken next time. Service was inattentive. We were there for 11 minutes before offered anything to drink. We watched a waiter wash and dry dishes wen he could have been bringing us water. The staff was pleasant enough, and an elder offered me his hand when I took the 3 steps into the dining room. He appeared to be owner or manager or both. Nice touch. I gave it 8 stars because it's new and I think it'll be great when they speed up the service.