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  1. Valery Jo H.
    Valery Jo H.
    • one review

    Plats libanais with a twist! Purs délices!

  2. Tom M.
    Tom M.
    • 73 reviews

    First time Libanese food for me and not the last time, I hope. Nice service, speaking English. Will be back!

  3. Mari H.
    Mari H.
    • one review

    Very delicious food ! I ate the veggie plate and it was amazing. Very good service and good vibe. Definitely I recommend this restaurant.

  4. Celeste L.
    Celeste L.
    • one review

    I found that the dishes tasted fine, but were a bit too small and oily. The interior was nice but it lacked atmosphere (no music, and it felt a bit cold). A bit pricy for the dish sizes and the location.

  5. Celia F.
    Celia F.
    • 13 reviews

    Nice little middle eastern cantine in the 19e. The brunch is a good balance of salty and sweet. Just wished the tea was homemade instead of industrial, but other than that I’ll come back.

  6. Jennifer C.
    Jennifer C.
    • 5 reviews

    We had to ask 4 times before getting water which was served warrm. The starters of grilled eggplant caviar and hummous were served without bread which we had to ask for before it arrived. They served diners who arrived after us their main courses before us. The server asked if we wanted dessert when we were still waiting for the main course. Beef tataki was made hurriedly (we could see and hear everything happening in the kitchen) and was served cold and very rare. The veggie skewers of halloumi cheese and zucchini were served cold and not properly grilled. We asked if the beef was meant to be served cold and the servers had to check with the chef. We could hear the Chef sounding defensive as he confirmed that it was supposed to be served cold. The servers kept asking if we wanted the beef warmed up. We left the beef untouched after the first bite and left asap. The servers did not ask if anything was wrong with our food.

  7. Brigitte A.
    Brigitte A.
    • 3 reviews

    Plats excellents, ambiance calme, restaurant impeccable.