Reviews Todt's Café

  1. Corine D.
    Corine D.
    • 11 reviews

    Good restaurant at fair price in the Sablon area. The welcoming was nice and the food was good. The atmosphere was quiet as we went early and it was not a busy moment for the restaurant. It is worth to go and try it.

  2. Marius M.
    Marius M.
    • 2 reviews


  3. Pablo B.
    Pablo B.
    • 63 reviews

    Great service and terrace! Very friendly, brought water to our dog. The food is simple but very good :)

  4. Xiaoer L.
    Xiaoer L.
    • 2 reviews

    We began our diner at 7 pm. its a lil bit early, so there was only us too. Even though those staffs were eating thier meals, but they had still given us a warm welcome. we had order plat du jour, its a beef slices with salade and chips. We should recommend you this and specially the chips.

  5. Gianluca S.
    Gianluca S.
    • one review

    We are a couple, we visited Brussels in April’17 and we had a really pleasant experience at Todt's Café. It is in a nice street near by the are lot of locals. The place is narrow and long but it’s not too packed and mirrors make it look bigger and brighter. The service was outstanding; the personnel was qualified and he explained us Today's specials and some Belgian dishes. We ordered two typical Belgian dishes: Flemish Carbonades (a beef stew served with fried potatoes) and shrimp croquettes with salad a beer and a Coke. The stew was delicious, it melted in my mouth I’d give more attention to fried potatoes. The full price was reasonable and average but we paid about 25 € thanks to a 30% discount using The Fork.

  6. Alessandro M.
    Alessandro M.
    • 27 reviews

    Perfect for a smart lunch/dinner :) few dishes but very well prepared!

  7. Pascal C.
    Pascal C.
    • 71 reviews

    A nice typical restaurant with fresh food and Belgian dishes. The restaurant is owned by two brothers one working at the tables and the other one being the chef. Quality of the food is guaranteed by a menu with a limited number of courses. The waterzoi is excellent and the different beers are very tasty.