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Poussine egg parfait from La Prairie farm, truffled macaroni
CHF 68
Duck foie gras with spices, beetroot and smoked fera from Geneva lake, 2 services
CHF 59
Geneva's autumn vegetables, simmered of roots, vegetables emulsion
CHF 48
Slightly seared abalone and traditional pork sausage with caviar, iodized shortbread
CHF 92


Line-caught sea bass, shellfish brousse cheese agnolotti pasta and coriander coulis
CHF 96
"Crispy-soft" crayfish and mushrooms, matelote sauce
CHF 78
Lake fishing and floral vegetables, broth infused with wild herbs
CHF 62
Pike soufflé, cauliflower and chestnut with white Alba truffle
CHF 59


Swiss beef fillet Rossini, gratinated Geneva's cardoon, Périgueux sauce
CHF 135
Nant d'Avril fowl, supreme Albufera sauce and roasted leg with Glacier wine
CHF 70
Slightly smoked venison duo, buckwheat, beetroots and spaetzle
CHF 76
Veal sweetbread, squash different ways, lemon jus
CHF 69


Minut millefeuille, Tahiti vanilla grand cru diplomat cream
CHF 26
Smooth rice pudding orange and mandarin wedges, lightly crisp
CHF 24
Rum Don Papa baba, exotic flavor
CHF 26
Guanaja 70% chocolate soufflé tart mascarpone chantilly cream
CHF 26
Rolled apple like Tatin, sea salt green apple yuzu sorbet
CHF 23

Brunch CHF 84.-

CHF 88
Un délicieux buffet spécialement conçu par Michel Roth and des pyramides de pâtisseries élaborées par notre chef pâtissier. Espace spécial jeux pour les enfants Pour les enfants de 6 to 12 ans: CHF 40.- Gratuit pour les moins de 6 ans
Prix par personne. Boissons sans alcool incluses. Boissons chaudes incluses.


Glass of champagne
CHF 24
CHF 12
Half a bottle of water
Bottle of wine
CHF 43
Glass of wine
CHF 10
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