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  1. Andrea F.
    Andrea F.
    • 36 reviews

    Wonderful buffet with high quality food, lots of fish and additional choice all great. What I didn’t enjoy so much was the atmosphere of the brunch setting. The lounge of the hotel was filled with tables and except for the view outside the room gave a feeling of cantine. Just too many people and no nice decoration.

  2. Jan  N.
    Jan N.
    • one review

    It was very very cold

  3. Patrick G.
    Patrick G.
    • 3 reviews

    Fantastic Food of high quality, great waiting staff, beautiful environnement.

  4. Jérôme C.
    Jérôme C.
    • 26 reviews

    Excellent brunch, une diversité de mets incroyable et gustativement au top! Bravo!

  5. Bevy P.
    Bevy P.
    • 11 reviews

    Best buffet in town !

  6. Jamaica O.
    Jamaica O.
    • 85 reviews

    great buffet and great view. will be back for sure. :)

  7. Kristof D.
    Kristof D.
    • one review

    Personnel accueillant et attentionné.

  8. Ornella V.
    Ornella V.
    • 18 reviews

    Great discovery for a perfect summer night. The location, atmosphere, and hospitality were superb. The food was tasty and with good portion. the only negative point is that they love sauce on the main dishes (too much). The restaurant was full, and the service a bit slow, but the waiters offered us 1 glass of wine and an additional dish to apologise.. very much appreciated and amazing customer service! For sure I will come back!

  9. Rubén N.
    Rubén N.
    • 57 reviews

    Great dishes, excellent view, good mood of the waiters, however they're quite young and lack some experience and prompted when serving the clients.

  10. Phillip S.
    Phillip S.
    • 19 reviews

    The Asian menu was quite limited and the preparation of the food definitely not up to standard with such an establishment. The sushi rice was overcooked and everything else was deep fried and tasteless. Quite disappointing. And to finish the meal with a 9chf espresso was outrageous, even for Geneva. The location (swimming pool terrace) was nice and enjoyable, but only weather permitting. This was not explained in the restaurant description.

  11. Juan d.
    Juan d.
    • 162 reviews

    Beautiful setting, very good food on the pricey side - considering somewhat small servings. The set menu offered through The Fork was considerably confusing and resulted in us paying almost double what we initially anticipated.

  12. Kate M.
    Kate M.
    • 23 reviews

    I picked this place for date night with the hubby based on photos I saw online, however it was not what I thought it would be. The view wasn't very good. It's pretty much blocked by the trees and shrubs. The food wasn't anything special. To be honest, I couldn't find anything on the menu that I really wanted to try. The presentation was nice but the taste was mediocre. The best thing I can say about this place is that the staff were wonderful. Each and everyone we came across was nice and very friendly.

  13. Catherine C.
    Catherine C.
    • 6 reviews

    Very nice brunch. A lot of choice, great quality, beautiful view, good service. I recommend!

  14. Huseyn H.
    Huseyn H.
    • 28 reviews

    Good, it used to be better, but still good.

  15. Huseyn H.
    Huseyn H.
    • 28 reviews

    Best brunch in the world!

  16. Thierry D.
    Thierry D.
    • 20 reviews

    exceptional food and superb service, as usual! best brunch in Geneva, by far

  17. Cecilia S.
    Cecilia S.
    • 25 reviews

    It was our 3rd at Umami and we had good memories but they have changed the menu and the new dishes are quite heavy. The chirashi was very heavy and we didn't even finish it, the seabass would have deserved more spice and the veal was cut way to thickly to enjoy.

  18. Jonathan V.
    Jonathan V.
    • 5 reviews

    Great moment: delicious food and very nice atmosphere on the terrace!

  19. AnneLaure A.
    AnneLaure A.
    • 35 reviews

    Fantastic setting, good service, creativity in the dishes but we were very disappointed by the quality of the food (the fish in particular), which was far from the standards of the bayview restaurant and below some sushi places in Geneva.

  20. Lee W.
    Lee W.
    • 45 reviews

    Disappointed! The dishes were nicely presented, the meats were cooked perfect but the whole idea of Japanese delicate, subtle cooking was spoiled by too much sauce (very salty) on every dish. Infact, the same sauce was used in all the dishes, hence, there was not much distinction between them except for the different meats! The best bit of the menu degustation were the desserts. They were excellent . I think M Roth should just stick with what he is better at i.e.European cooking. His Bayview restaurant is the proof.