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Sliced raw Salmon marinated in beetroot

salmon, lemon dressing, red onion, beetroot

Tacos with slice raw Beef Meat (2 pieces)

beef meat honey mustard with provance herbs, crunchy pear, grana

Beef tartare

beef meat, crouton of bread, sesame seed, becky’s bq sauce

Wok with vegetables

white cabbage, red cabbage, pak choi, soy bud, poppy seed, soy sauce, sunflower oil

Mixed fried


Linguina with roman broccoli and yellowtail

roman broccoli, yellowtail, almonds

Sepia ink ravioli with lemon and sea bass filling, butter and sage with yellow datterini

lemon, sea bass filling, butter, yellow datterini

Gnocchetto cheese, pepper and mint

cheese, mix pepper, mint

Wholemeal mezza manica with chickpeas, pork cheek and rosemary

chickpeas, pork cheek, rosemary

Main course

Salmon fillet marinated in beetroot , sour cream with dill and zucchini

salmon, beetroot , sour cream, zucchini, dill

Tenderloin marinated in whisky, herbs and novelle potatoes

beef meat, whisky, thyme, rosemary

Veal meat balls with black cabbage

veal meat, black cabbage

Pad Thai

shrimps, tofu, rice noodles, peanuts, vegetables, tamarindo juice, sunflower oil



cream, mascarpone cheese, eggs, cacao, savoiardi biscuits


ricotta cheese, cream, greek yogurt, biscuits, vanilla, orange topping


chocolate, nuts, apple cream with whisky, cinnamon, chocolate topping


Bottle of champagne
Bottle of water
Bottle of wine
Glass of wine
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