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Raws fish

Red tuna tartare
Mediterrenean amberjack cheviche
Mazara del Vallo red prown carpaccio
Selections of raws

tuna tartare, gurbell carpaccio, sea bass tartare, squid,red prown carpaccio, scampo, amberjack chevice


Spaghettone "aglio e olio", roasted squid and cispy herb bread

Spaghettone "Mancini (pasta), Nubia red garlic (sicily), Mediterrean squid, fresh chilly.

"Puttanesca" - style rigatone with tuna

Rigatone Mancini (pasta), red tuna, tomatoes, chapers, "Zangrillii" Itri olives

Gnocchetti "cacio e pepe", octopus and lime

Homemade gnocchetti (pasta), pecorino cheese "De Roma", octopus, Tasmanian pepper, lime.


Mezzo Pacchero Mancini (pasta), "Taddei" pork cheek, "De Roma" pecorino cheese, "Peppuovo" eggs, Sichuan pepper

Senatore Cappelli tagliatelle (pasta), lamb ragout and yellow cherry tomatoes


Marinated and seared amberjack with sweet and sour red onion and mango sauce
Seared tuna rosemary carrot puree, celeriac cubes
Fry of the day
Potatoes crust gurbell*, green peas souce and sundried tomatoes

*Gurbell is a tipical Mediterrenean white fish

Sirloin beef steak, spinach and roasted potatoes
Crispy pork with "genovese"- style onion and orange demi glaces


Liquorice crème brulée with lemon and cocoa
Cheese cake


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Glass of champagne
Bottle of water
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Glass of wine
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