Reviews - Who's

  1. John B.
    John B.
    • 39 reviews

    The food was delicious and the portions were copious; definitely "man size" servings! The waiter was charming and very efficient. The atmosphere was rather "romantic" with candles and soft lighting, very nice for couples on a date. The wine we ordered was delicious and just right for our meal. All in all, it was a very pleasant change from some of the other restaurants in this part of Paris. Thank you for a very pleasant evening.

  2. Gautier R.
    Gautier R.
    • one review

    All good nothing to complain about ????

  3. Ghita E.
    Ghita E.
    • 38 reviews

    Super brunch ! Bon rapport Q/P

  4. Souf g.
    Souf g.
    • 33 reviews

    Great brunch!

  5. Bach M.
    Bach M.
    • 17 reviews

    Brunch was very underwhelming.

  6. Kate g.
    Kate g.
    • 29 reviews

    Will go back there again :)

  7. Lucie R.
    Lucie R.
    • one review

    un brunch au top!!!!

  8. Benoit d.
    Benoit d.
    • 61 reviews

    Très bon brunch

  9. Théa u.
    Théa u.
    • 4 reviews

    Jamais déçu ????

  10. Emily S.
    Emily S.
    • 8 reviews

    A lovely meal, extremely good balance of flavours, well cooked and the chosen wine (although rather expensive) was great. We arrived by the skin of our teeth due to issues with getting from the airport, staff were accommodating and friendly (we had our hand luggage with us). We soon relaxed after our stressful journey. The place was quiet in the eating area at first when we were there for the 7.30 seating but soon filled up. It has a great vibe, slightly noisy music but overall a great, lively place for top notch food!

  11. AICHA L.
    AICHA L.
    • 18 reviews

    Simple et efficace ;)

  12. Priscilla A.
    Priscilla A.
    • 47 reviews

    Au top. Merci

  13. Clarisse C.
    Clarisse C.
    • 24 reviews

    Bon,Copieux, accueil très très sympa. Nous reviendrons volontier!

  14. Pierre c.
    Pierre c.
    • one review

    Très bon brunch, a volonté avec des plats de qualité, plats chauds qui ne l'étaient pas toujours (chauds) cependant. Bon rapport qualité prix

  15. Iulia M.
    Iulia M.
    • one review

    Food was fine, but we had a distant table and it was difficult to be noticed by the waiter. Waited so long for everything.

  16. Denitsa G.
    Denitsa G.
    • 11 reviews

    one of my favourite places to enjoy a Sunday brunch

  17. Ernesto C.
    Ernesto C.
    • 6 reviews

    It's a really nice restaurant in term of design, located in the most beautiful area of Paris called "Le Marais". Great food and service.

  18. Frederico A.
    Frederico A.
    • 506 reviews

    Food above expectations, but very poor service (good looking but never looking at the tables for any requests, always needed to stand and go call the waiter myself). Nice modern decor. Good lafourchette discount,

  19. Gidi k.
    Gidi k.
    • 14 reviews

    very noisy with a bar atmosphere ig you are looking for that kind of thing. the food was good although the steak was disappointing. waiters are vwey nice.

  20. Manuel C.
    Manuel C.
    • 2 reviews

    Average quality in general and quite expensive. They did not apply the discount. The burguer was good.

  21. - -.
    - -.
    • 5 reviews

    I find this great place accidentally surfing places in my neigborhood on Fork. Appetizers, steaks and mojitos are for 10!! Service also. And 40% (thanks to Fork and Who's) off the a la carte menu? Incredibly good! Recommend it to everyone!

  22. Matthew S.
    Matthew S.
    • one review

    Disappointing that the restaurant would not honour the 20% discount promotion. We all had starters + mains. When the bill arrived there was no discount because we did not order dessert. This really was not made clear to us at the time of booking or when we were dining. These type of conditions should be more prominent to avoid confusion at time of payment.

  23. Jeremy J.
    Jeremy J.
    • 10 reviews

    The waiter was new so service was not perfect but overall nice place, excellent food. I recommend

  24. Jordan f.
    Jordan f.
    • 6 reviews

    Very nice atmosphere with friends, a bit noisy but that's to be expected in such a place! The food was good and served in large amounts. I'll go back for sure

  25. Daniele A.
    Daniele A.
    • 20 reviews

    It's the 4th time I come in this restaurant with different friends of different countries (Italians, English, German) and I always had positive feedback from them and they are really enthusiastic at the end of the dinner thx to the good quality of the dishes, the nice and cool ambient and the staff that is always kind. I really recommend it if you wanna have a large and nice choice of dishes with different flavours (there's also a part dedicated to wok and noodles cuisine). The dessert too are amazing!

  26. Rob S.
    Rob S.
    • 4 reviews

    Great time! The duck was very good and the Thė Gourmand Marriage Frère was delightful! Staff were friendly and helpful and atmosphere was fun! Would definitely go back!

  27. - -.
    - -.
    • one review

    Good fun atmosphere. Food ok.

  28. Cristina C.
    Cristina C.
    • 84 reviews

    Great place! The food was delicious, from the entree to the dessert! In addition the cocktails were exquisite! We'll be back for sure to try the brunch or to have a meal again! Thank you!!

  29. Santiago O.
    Santiago O.
    • 9 reviews

    The food was very good. The waiters were very nice but I was under the impression our waiter was a new one since he seemed a bit lost. The place was noisy. and it looked more like a bar than a restaurant. Some people might find useful to know it is a gay bar. We had a bigger discount than the one suggested by the application and this was great. drinks were also in happy hour.

  30. Victoria S.
    Victoria S.
    • 18 reviews

    The quality of all dishes we ordered was really good! I would defenetly recommend this place. That's a really good place to visite!

  31. Miguel A.
    Miguel A.
    • 32 reviews

    Nice restaurant

  32. Giselle A.
    Giselle A.
    • 15 reviews

    We went there for a Sunday brunch. The place is small and tight and lacks privacy. I remember that the table next to us were a couple that they had nothing to do but listening to us and counting our bites! Very disappointing behaviour!

  33. David C.
    David C.
    • 6 reviews

    brunch correct. plats variés

  34. Lien M.
    Lien M.
    • 9 reviews

    Super, on reviendra!