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Yakuza Salad

Confit duck salad

Crunch Salad

Iceberg lettuce and onion sauce

Horenso no Goma

Spinach and sesame sauce

Wakame Salad

Seaweed salad

King Crab Salad

King crab and red vinegar sauce

Taco Sakana

Fish taco and guacamole

Ika Crispy

Crispy squids with shichimi togarashi


with fleur de sel or spicy


Chicken and vegetables

Gyoza Green



Soy soup, tofu and seaweed

Hot Yakuza

Salmon, cream cheese and teriyaki


Vegetable spring roll

Toro Tartare

Tuna belly tartare

Tuna Tataki

with miso sauce

Japanese Gravlax

Marinated salmon and wasabi sauce

Sashimi | New Style |


Yellowtail and truffled ponzu


Salmon and ponzu


Salmon, tuna, white fish and truffled ponzu


Tuna, ponzu and jalapeños

Sushi e Sashimi |Tradicional|

Temaki Shake

Salmon and Spring onion

Temaki Maguro

Tuna and Spring onion

Temaki California

Shrimp, salmon, cucumber and mango

Nigiri Shake

Salmon (2 pieces) | With caviar + 8€

Nigiri Shiromi

White fish (2 pieces)

Nigiri Maguro

Tuna (2 pieces)

Nigiri Hamachi

Yellowtail (2 pieces) | With caviar + 8€

Nigiri Toro

Tune belly (2 pieces)

Sashimi Shake

Salmon (4 pieces)

Sashimi Shiromi

White fish (4 pieces)

Sashimi Maguro

Tuna (4 pieces)

Sashimi Hamachi

Yellowtail (4 pieces)

Sashimi Red Mullet

Red Mullet (4 pieces)

Sashimi Toro

Tuna belly (4 pieces)


California (4 pieces)

Shrimp, salmon, cucumber and mango

Spider Roll (4 pieces)

Soft Shell Crab, salmon, avocado, leek and rabano

Spicy Tuna (4 pieces)

Spicy tuna and cabbage

Tirashi Maki (4 pieces)

Shrimp Tempura, asparagus and fish variety

Toro (4 pieces)

Tuna belly and king crab

Ura Veggie (4 pieces)

Asparagus, carrot, lettuce and sweet potato

Futomaki (4 pieces)

Tamago, kampyo, salmon, tuna, avocado, masago, cucumber and rabano

Unagui (4 pieces)

Eel, foie gras and apple sunomono

Yakuza First Choice (7 pieces)

Salmon, toro, la-yu, king crab, sweet potato and mamemori (riceless)

Kyuri Maki (7 pieces)

Salmon, tuna, shrimp and anchovies wrapped in cucumber (riceless)

Tekkamaki (6 pieces)

Tuna Hossomaki

Shakemaki (6 pieces)

Salmon Hossomaki

Yakuza Specials (2 pieces)

Gunkan Padrón

Salmon, ginger and padrón pepper

Gunkan Hotate

Tuna, queen scallop and soy vinaigrette

Gunkan Rei

Salmon, king crab and quail egg

Gunkan Ama Ebi

Yellowtail and sweet shrimp from Alaska

Gunkan Toro

Tuna belly, tuna, foie gras and leek

Gunkan Iwashi

Tuna, sardine roes and egg

Gunkan do Mar

Salmon, clams and green apple sunomono

Gunkan Shiromi

White fish, lime, ginger, confit onion and la-yu

Gunkan de K.O.B

Wagyu, foie gras, confit union and teriyaki

Gunkan Trufada

Salmon, shrimp, quail egg and black truffle

Nigiri New Style

Salmon, ginger and shichimi tougarashi

Nigiri Engawa

Seared turbot, yukari, lime and coriander

Caviar Beluga (10gr)

Sushi Combo


16 pieces sushi + 16 pieces sashimi


12 pieces sushi


12 pieces sushi

Gunkans Selection

10 pieces gunkans

Nigiris Selection

10 pieces nigiris

Sashimi Selection

6 fish variety (24 pieces)

Tempuras and Pasta

Tempura Ebi


Tempura Yasai


Tempura Moriawase

Mix of vegetables and shrimps

Yaki Udon

Udon Noodles with vegetables and squids or meat


Tori at Tebasaki

Chicken Wings with fleur de sel and lime

Niwatori Miso

Baby chicken marinated in miso

Kuro Tara

Gindara, the black cod marinated in sweet miso

Shake Yaki

Salmon, teriyaki and fleur de sel


Lamb chops with fleur de sel and la-yu


Wagyu with shichimi tougarashi and jalapeños

Asparagus Yaki

Asparagus and sesame sauce


Broccolini with soy sauce

Nasu Dengaku

Aubergine with miso sauce and spring onion


Portobello mushroom with sesame sauce


Kit Kat “garanteed success”
Crème of jasmine, mango and sansho
Jelly of coffee, lemon and cream
Green tea and banana cake, coconut ice cream
Ice cream or sorbets to choose

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