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8 /10
44 reviews

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8 /10
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2/44 reviews
Catherina S.
(1 review)
Average Rating
4,5 /10
  • Meal date : 16 Jul 2016
We were extremely disappointed. The sushi and the udon noodles tasted old and stale. We left most of our dishes. The restaurant staff decided to bill us for only 1 of the two meals we ordered after hearing of our complaint.
Kelvin L.
(5 reviews)
Average Rating
6,8 /10
  • Meal date : 27 Jul 2013
Been to this restaurant twice. This review applies to the last one after taking the first into some consideration. Food is passable. It is ok for AYCE restaurants. None of the dishes were very memorable. I docked the grades for food quality since some of the fried dishes like the torikatsu was very oily, and the ebi tempura was too heavily battered. The Amazuppai Tori gives a very sharp sour taste when one first takes a bite, not at all like a good sweet-and-sour dish. Also, the limit of 5 items per round per person baffles me for an AYCE restaurant. It seems like they want to maintain "good" sushi, however, with the nigiri sushi, they were not well-formed (taking a piece of sushi falls from the chopstick), and a good sushi-ya will always place the right amount of wasabi already in the nigiri sushi which this restaurant does not do. And the gari looks artificially pink which already indicates that they are store-bought and definitely NOT worth even a 7 for the food taste and quality.

Service wise, the servers have been attentive however there was a mishap which I cannot ignore. This second visit, the order sheets are photocopied on a very low quality copy. I could hardly see the dining rules. I could only clearly see that the max items per round per person seemed to be cancelled and having been here previously I thought maybe they changed policy recently. Hence, as a test, i ordered 7 items instead of the max 5 for the first round. Server came by and just told me that I ordered more than 5, so, he capped the ordering to the first 5 items I ticked. I was a bit annoyed that he did not ask me if I wanted to change the items list after considering the max number of items have changed. I feigned ignorance and told him that I could not see the max items rule in the order sheet, and he agreed. But then he said he already told the kitchen about the first 5. I asked him to change the items, and initially he refused, but then I reminded him that it is the fault of the restaurant for not clearly stating those rules. After that, he yielded, and since then, he paid particularly close attention to the table and meal. For that mistake and subsequent correction I give a 7 for service, but it is a very low 7, more like 6.5 if such grades exist in iens.

I liked the decor overall. Seems very efficient, and clean facilities.
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